Best Slider Block for Gutenberg Editor

3 min readNov 28, 2023


A slider block is needed to showcase sliding content in the Gutenberg block editor. Unfortunately, Gutenberg doesn’t have a core block that satisfies your needs. That’s why a custom slider block is essential for creating a slider or carousel in the Gutenberg editor.

You understand that you need a custom Gutenberg block that helps you to create your expected slider. But the critical point is to find out the best slider block from a number of slider blocks available in the online world right now. To simplify the complicated process and provide a better slider block, I am going to share my opinion that will help you decide and find the best slider block for the Gutenberg editor.

What is a Slider?

In web development and design, a “slider” generally refers to a user interface element that allows users to slide through a series of content items, typically images or other media, often in a dynamic and visually appealing way. Sliders are commonly used to showcase various types of content on a website.

GutSlider: Best Slider Block for Gutenberg

I have worked with 10+ custom Gutenberg slider blocks but I find none of them that satisfies my all needs. Even, I found some basic features are also not available in the free version. That was really disappointing. So, I had to spend a significant amount of time to find a complete solution for a slider and carousel for the Gutenberg editor. Unfortunately, I didn’t find a better slider block at all.

Then our Gkits team started developing a complete slider block for the Gutenberg editor that is called GutSlider — an all-in-one Block Slider. Right now its free version is available in the WordPress plugins directory and you can easily use its different slider blocks free of cost.

GutSlider — All-in-One Block Slider

Let’s explore the key features of the GutSlider — an all-in-one slider block solution.

GutSlider Key Features

  • Gutenberg Integration
  • Simple, Light-weight, and Fast
  • Load Scripts Only on Relevant Pages
  • Developed with Gutenberg Native Components
  • Multiple Types of Sliders
  • Multiple Types of Carousels
  • Slide Any Content You Want
  • Simple Drag and Drop Interface
  • Highly Customizable
  • Clean & Smart Customization Panels
  • CSS Animation with Delay
  • All Necessary Slider & Carousel Settings
  • Swiper JS is Used for the Slider
  • No jQuery Dependency

Read the complete list in this blog post — Best Slider Block for Gutenberg

Available Custom Blocks of GutSlider

GutSlider provides a series of custom blocks related to different types of content to create sliders and carousels for different content types. Right now, the following custom blocks are available in the GutSlider.

  1. Fixed Content: Build your content slider or carousel easily within a few minutes. Subtitle, title, description, and call to action (button) are available as content elements.
  2. Any Content: Build your expected slider or carousel with any kind of content. There are no limits to using content type in this block. Slide any content as you wish.
  3. Testimonial: Showcase your customer feedback in a sliding mode using the testimonial block. It comes with a customer photo, testimonial, name, rating, designation, and social profile.
  4. Blog Post: Showcase your blog post in a sliding mode using this block. It comes with a blog post thumbnail, title, category, read more button, etc.
  5. Photos: Showcase your amazing photos in the carousel mode using this photos carousel block. It comes with photo caption visibility and lightbox support.
  6. Brand Logos: Build a logos carousel easily using this block in Gutenberg. it comes with logos links, captions, and different hover animations.


In the end, I want to say that the GutSlider stands as a powerful and versatile plugin that enriches the WordPress experience, particularly within the Gutenberg editor ecosystem. Its key features, including simplicity, lightweight design, and fast performance, make it a valuable asset for users seeking an efficient solution for content sliders and carousels.




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